Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Lets Talk.​

Your station would fully promote all activities, this would be done with interviews throughout the on-air period and regular broadcast “live reads” of the latest events from the presenters. With such huge numbers of people visiting to see a big event it is very difficult and indeed expensive to get full coverage via speaker systems; in those areas without such coverage people could simply be instructed to tune in to the frequency of the community licence on their car radio, home hifi or mobile phone to listen in on the entertainment and commentary from the main stage. Essential information services such as parking and travel details can also be broadcast on the day and on the run up to the event.


Our team of staff most of whom have broadcast on commercial radio in Northern Ireland ensure a high level of professionalism.

Additionally we give local people who have an interest in radio, the opportunity to get involved. Elsewhere local schools & colleges have taken part, some students have progressed into a career in the media.

To be a success the local people and firms must feel an ownership of the station.  

Interesting and topical individuals and organisations are given extensive air time.


For as little as £100 for the duration local shops can get involved with cost effective advertising.   Commerical spots run for around 30 seconds and are produced to an acceptable level.

Advertising when permitted by regulation can be looked after by our sales team or you can buy us out and use revenue to fund the broadcast.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available in the form of programme and competitions.



The studio consist of an eleven channel broad cast quality desk complete with 10,000 songs from the past half century of popular music.

Both Presenter and Guest microphones allow live studio interviews, the addition of a TBU facilities remote location outside links. 

All we need for you is a suitable room located in a centre location with high footfall and no charge for rent, electricity plus a working DEL phone line already installed.


Live simultaneous internet streaming is also possible.



"I've know this pairing for a number of years, we rely on them each June and Christmas. They have their craft down to such a fine  art I sure they could fit you in amongst their busy schedules. "

Pat Clarke - Carrickfergus Traders Association.